The HR JOURNAL in 2024

The HR JOURNAL is still quite new on the HR scene. Our target groups are HR departments and executives who want to keep up to speed with trends and know-how in human resource management and leadership.

We are a child of change. Launched in August 2020, we have accompanied the many changes in HR since then. These are by no means over. On the contrary: the challenges for companies – and therefore also for HR and decision-makers – are set to increase.

This is why the HR JOURNAL is a work in progress. One step that we believe is long overdue is a look at HR and leadership practices in other countries. That’s why there will be an English edition of the HR JOURNAL from 2024. It will start small and modestly, but will hopefully grow steadily over the course of the year and in turn enrich the content on the German website.

The HR JOURNAL in figures:

The HR JOURNAL has established itself well in the world of the German HR trade press. This can also be expressed in figures:

  • 20 – 32K visitors per month
  • 30 – 45K page impressions / page views per month

The results of our LinkedIn follower analysis are impressive:

  • over 70 percent of our followers come from the HR sector
  • over 30 percent work in companies with more than 1,000 employees
  • over 15 percent in corporations with more than 10,000 employees
  • 60 percent have senior, director, vice president or manager positions

More than 400 guest authors write for us and share their expertise with our readers.

Hamburg, December 26, 2023

Helge Weinberg