Guest Posts


Do you have suggestions for interesting topics or guest articles? Then send us an e-mail to editor(at)

A brief description of the topic of your guest article is useful. Also the name and function of the author. An exposé is not required.

The most important note in advance: Contributions should be absolutely free of any advertising. References to products and services have their place in a (paid) advertorial.

If we find your proposal interesting, we will get in touch with you. Please do not call us or contact us via LinkedIn to suggest contributions. In any case, we need your suggestion by e-mail.

Update 14.03.2024: On the use of AI in guest posts

In future, we will place even more emphasis on high-quality contributions. We are currently working on what we mean by this and what we do not mean.

When it comes to the use of AI in posts, we are (currently) in line with Google (quote):

Google’s ranking systems reward high quality original content that is characterised by experience, expertise and trustworthiness – E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) for short.

The appropriate use of AI or automation does not violate our guidelines. This means that it may not be used to create content that primarily serves to manipulate the ranking in search results. This would violate our spam guidelines.

The topic of AI will be with us in the future, both on the part of authors and on the part of the media. We are directly affected by it, both positively and negatively, and are excited to see how we will be working editorially in one to two years’ time.